Google's Gmail application lets you do most of the same things you can with your old email application. It also has some powerful new features, and a few things work differently than what you're used to. Here are resources for learning and mastering your new email application.
Getting Started
How Gmail is different An introduction to Gmail's unique mail management features, including conversation threads, archiving. stars and labels, and Google powered search.
Sending, replying, and other Gmail basics Quick steps for how to compose messages, add attachments, reply and forward, and print messages.
Create your signature, labels, and filters Quick steps for organizing messages with labels and setting up other elements of your environment.
Create groups and mailing lists Create contact groups to organize your personal contacts and to use as personal mailing lists.
Enter addresses and add contacts Auto-complete email addresses, use the contact picker, and add personal contacts.
Start using keyboard shortcuts (PDF) Enable keyboard shortcuts in your Gmail settings. Then quickly perform almost any Gmail task without a mouse.
Become a power searcher

(Scroll down after opening the link.)
(PDF) Quickly find any message using powerful search operators and shortcuts.
Get mail on your mobile device Learn about the different ways to get your mail on your mobile device.
Video tutorials Learn about using Gmail by watching these short video clips.
Set up email delegation If you're an executive administrator who manages some else's Inbox, learn to set up a delegated mail with your manager.


For even more information about using Gmail, check out the Gmail Help Center.


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