Why should you sign up for Google Apps Training? Here's what other city employees are saying about their experience!

"Our email switched over to Gmail on April 19.  There are about twenty of us here, and most of us did not have a chance to attend the training offered by our employer prior to the switch so we weren't immediately familiar with the product. 

After I called the trainers to talk about our inability to access some specific bits of information, a Google Apps Trainer helped us with our questions and concerns.  The trainer was friendly, patient and provided us with MUCH needed support during this transition. 

The training was incredibly helpful.  We didn't know the ins and outs of the calendar program, we didn't know about labs, and we weren't sure how best to navigate a mail item with all the different ways to view. forward, delete, etc., We had to learn about Google docs and invitations (and glad we did!), we couldn't find certain attachments....

Well, after training I am happy to report that everyone in our office is now more than satisfied with our Gmail experience, and we're all learning and sharing new things that we discovered in Gmail. It's pretty great -- and I recommend the training "
-  Tonja Payne,
  Board of Public Works

"I think Google mail, calendar and docs is a cut above the rest.  I really love all of the Collaborative features.  I also want to say that this Webinar program is awesome and I think you chose the perfect person to teach the program because she's quick to respond to questions and you can easily understand what she is teaching.  It is truly a pleasure to learn using Webinar and Google Apps is cool!"
- Financial Management

"Excellent instructor. Classes are very helpful. The information was relevant and presented in an easy-to-understand manner. Being able to submit questions and to see everyone else's questions, via the chat, was helpful. The Google Transition is smooth"
- City Attorney's Office