Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you become a more proficient Google Apps user.

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  Sort Messages Using Keywords Learn how to sort messages by sender, recipient, date, subject, or other keywords.
  Use Keyboard Shortcuts Learn how to quickly zip around your Inbox, reading and cleaning up messages, without having to use the mouse.
  Working with Threaded Conversations: Part 1
Learn what a conversation is and how to work with conversations and with individual messages within a conversation.
  Working with Threaded Conversations: Part 2
Learn how conversations display in your Inbox and how to mute them.
  Working with Threaded Conversations: Part 3
Learn how to know what is being sent when you reply or forward a conversation, how changing the subject effects the conversation, how to bookmark messages within a conversation and how to use the Signature Tweak lab to change the placement of your signature.
  Enable Tabbed Browsing Learn how to enable tabbed browsing to declutter your desktop.
  Create Strong Passwords
Learn how to create a strong password to use with Google Notifier, Google Talk and your mobile devices.
  Create Filters
Learn how easy it is to create filters.
  Create Filter to Mark BCC Field
Learn how to create a filter to mark messages on which you've been blind-copied.
  Create Priority Messages with Canned Responses
Learn how to create priority messages using the Canned Responses lab.
  Compose Messages in a New Browser Window Learn how to view your Inbox while composing or responding to a message by opening a separate browser window.
  Drag and Drop Labels and Messages Learn how to add labels to messages, or messages to labels, just by dragging.
  Use Nested Labels Miss your nested folders? Learn how to recreate nested labels with this handy Gmail lab.
  Drag and Drop Attachments Learn how to drag and drop attachments onto your messages.
  Drag and Drop Images Learn how to add images to your message just by dragging them onto the message.
  Use Quick Links Learn how to save searches you perform regularly so they're easy to run each time you need them.
  Use Gmail Tasks
Learn how to use Gmail tasks.
  Enhance Your Gmail Signature
Learn how to enhance your Gmail signature with the new Rich Text Signature feature!
  Increase your Productivity with Priority Inbox
Learn how to decrease the time you spend in your Inbox and increase your overall productivity using Gmail's new feature - Priority Inbox!
  New! Unthread your Email Conversations
If you prefer to view the messages in your Inbox as individual messages rather than as threaded conversations, now you can with this new Gmail setting!
Google Calendar
  Book a room in Google Calendar (PDF) See which rooms are available and book one for your meeting.
  Define Default Notifications Learn how to define default notifications so you can be reminded of messages as you see fit.
  Use Smart Rescheduler Learn how to use the new Smart Rescheduler lab to quickly reschedule a new room and time which works for all attendees.
  Work with Tasks in Google Calendar Learn how to quickly create tasks in Google Calendar.
  Create a Team Calendar Learn how to quickly create a calendar to track your team's vacation and travel dates.
  New! Layering Google Calendars Learn how to easily find a time for your next group meeting by layering calendars.